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Attribute class

class Attribute {
 final String name;
 final String value;
 final int op;
 final bool quoted;
 Attribute(this.name, this.op, this.value, this.quoted);
 static const int OP_EQUALS = 0;
 static const int OP_BEGINS_WITH = 1;
 static const int OP_ENDS_WITH = 2;
 static const int OP_CONTAINS = 3;

Static Properties

const int OP_BEGINS_WITH #

static const int OP_BEGINS_WITH = 1

const int OP_CONTAINS #

static const int OP_CONTAINS = 3

const int OP_ENDS_WITH #

static const int OP_ENDS_WITH = 2

const int OP_EQUALS #

static const int OP_EQUALS = 0


new Attribute(String name, int op, String value, bool quoted) #

Creates a new Object instance.

Object instances have no meaningful state, and are only useful through their identity. An Object instance is equal to itself only.

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Attribute(this.name, this.op, this.value, this.quoted);


final String name #

final String name

final int op #

final int op

final bool quoted #

final bool quoted

final String value #

final String value