API Reference 0.5.2dquery

dquery library


String trim(String text) #

String trim(String text) => text == null ? '' : text.trim();

WindowQuery $window([Window window]) #

Return a WindowQuery wrapping the given window. If window is omitted, the default window instance is used.

WindowQuery $window([Window window]) => new WindowQuery(window);

DocumentQuery $document([HtmlDocument document]) #

Return a DocumentQuery wrapping the given document. If document is omitted, the default document instance is assumed.

DocumentQuery $document([HtmlDocument document]) => new DocumentQuery(document);

ElementQuery $(selector, [context]) #

Return an ElementQuery based on given selector and context.

ElementQuery $(selector, [context]) {
 if (selector is String)
   selector = selector.trim();
 if (selector == null || selector == '')
   return new ElementQuery([]);
 if (selector is String) {
   // html
   if ((selector as String).startsWith('<')) {
     return new ElementQuery([new Element.html(selector)]);
   if (context == null) {
     return _rootDQuery.find(selector);
   } else if (context is DQuery) {
     return (context as DQuery).find(selector);
   } else if (context is Document) {
     return new DocumentQuery(context).find(selector);
   } else if (context is Element) {
     return new ElementQuery([context]).find(selector);
   throw new ArgumentError("Context type should be Document, Element, or DQuery: $context");
 if (selector is Element)
   return new ElementQuery([selector]);
 if (selector is List<Element>)
   return new ElementQuery(selector);
 throw new ArgumentError("Selector type should be String, Element, or List<Element>: $selector");  

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